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Long Life Fluorescent Tubes

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Long Life Fluorescents vs. Standard Bulbs

Our high-quality fluorescent bulbs eliminate many of the problems of standard fluorescent bulbs.

Long Life Fluorescent Benefit Summary
Long Life Standard Bulbs
Long life –typically live on average 4-6X longer depending on the conditions Short life
Retains its brightness and won’t color shift after it has burned for awhile Loses on average 30% of its light output after 18 months
High quality light closer to natural sunlight- like standing outside under a blue sky on a sunny day Poor quality light that causes glare, headaches, fatigue, and eye-strain
Environmentally-friendly Not always environmentally-friendly

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"The office appears to be much brighter and less harsh looking. We have one staff member that used to go home daily with a headache. Since installing the daylight bulbs she claims she hasn’t had one! We plan to convert all of our lighting to your daylight bulbs.”

Clarkston Lakes Family Medicine

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