Lighting Resources of Michigan, Inc. is a leading distributor of energy-efficient, long-life, premium-quality, industrial-rated lighting products.

We carry and service an extensive range of light bulbs including fluorescents, compact fluorescent bulbs, metal halides, high-pressure sodium, mercury vapor, LED lighting, halogens and incandescents. Our product lines are continuously expanding and we can provide “hard to find” light bulbs.

We are specialists in industrial, commercial, and institutional light bulbs. Our bulbs are built using components that are superior and more durable than a tube that you would buy at a big box hardware store.

Our lights are longer lasting, provide a more natural light, won’t color-shift with age, require fewer change outs and are environmentally-friendly.

Ideal lighting solutions for any business or organization

Specialty lights designed for specific needs

We will solve your light bulb and lighting problems and we service the account.

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We are proud members of...

Building Industry Association of Southeastern Michigan Member
Michigan Association of Homebuilders
National Association of Homebuilders

What We Do For You...

We are a leading distributor of energy-efficient, long-life, premium-quality, industrial rated lighting products.

We specialize in industrial, commercial and institutional light bulbs.

We drop-ship anywhere.

We service your account.

Our Customers Say...

"Lighting Resources of Michigan, Inc. are true professionals who are accommodating and great to work with. The new lighting in our office is outstanding and has enhanced our business/work environment. Your long life fluorescent lighting is much brighter with no glare for our employees. We couldn’t be happier and look forward to working with your company well into the future."

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